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Why do so many people stay in jobs they dislike for YEARS?
Answer = They don’t think they have what it takes to get the job they REALLY want.
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How to Land Your Dream Job

Secrets to Get a Hiring Manager to See Your Real Value

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What You’ll Learn:

  • What hiring managers are REALLY looking for so you can speak to that.
  • How to mirror back to them with your experience/ expertise the most important aspects they’re seeking (which may or may not be in the job description).
  • How to quickly connect with the hiring manager so you can capture their attention throughout.
  • How to be in control during the process to minimize your stress and anxiety.
“…gain traction in the areas that are most important to me …gained a refreshed perspective, created clear action steps, and gained momentum …I am able to get to that ‘next level’ with her support.”
Alexandra K.
Talent Acquisition
…Now, instead of just letting it happen to me, I have a clear career target, expanded ‘people skills’, and a general roadmap how I’m going to get there …direction in the choices I make today”
Mark J.