We all have the opportunity to be leaders, whether it’s in our families and social circles, or if we manage a team a people as part of our career. I had the great privilege to build and do the latter, and I also had the great “privilege” to make lots of mistakes trying to get it right. Spouting off commands to tell people what to do and then working to control their behavior is easy; leadership is not.

“Leadership is not about what you know or about telling others what you know. Leadership is about building teams, encouraging innovation, thinking strategically, removing obstacles, creating vision, and taking risks. Leadership has little to do with one’s title or position. It has everything to do with being trustworthy, supportive, sensitive, aware of trends, willing to try new things–and even cheering when your protege and followers soar past you to leadership positions of their own.”

Excerpt from “Christian Coaching 2nd Edition” by Gary R. Collins PhD

So really at its core it’s all about people, how we value them, how we treat them, how we guide them versus ordering them, and how we prioritize them at least as equal as completing the task or objective at hand.

Does the above quote describe your leadership?  If not, why?  What kind of leader do you want to be? What stops you?

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