With years of chronic neck pain, I recently started physical therapy to see if they could help. Shortly after the evaluation, she told me my issue was a “postural” one. My body has “learned” that bad posture is the “right” way, and has therefore adjusted around it for its “normal”. After she showed me minor changes to force correct posture, I was determined to focus and re-teach my body. What I discovered after just a few hours was that correct posture HURTS! The wrong posture actually feels right and is easy. Sigh. It’s not going to change overnight; it’s not going to be easy; and it’s going to hurt.

What “wrong posture” have you allowed so long in your life that it actually feels right? How are you going to 1) identify what is “right posture” and 2) press through in steady patience and determination to establish a new norm? Will you choose easy over something that hurts until it becomes your new norm?

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