One of our dogs is in serious danger of losing an eye due to injury, infection, and then another injury. The path back is quite strenuous with a medicine/drops regimen every 2 hours, all day, for a solid week so far. I’m so exhausted now: mentally, physically, emotionally, all of it. (I also have all new respect for people who take care of special needs children or elderly folks.)

This makes me wonder how many of our lives don’t look like we would like for them to look because we’re just exhausted. Life has its way of doing that to us if we let it overtake us and concentrate solely on surviving. Change is hard. Vision has to be pursued. It takes fortitude and determination to make change to begin with, much less sustain it for the long-term.

Does your life look like what you thought it would, or wanted? What change has eluded you because you’re just exhausted by life and all its challenges? How long are you going to let it beat you without making a purposeful choice to overcome?

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