I’ve recently heard several stories of people experiencing chronic and extreme disrespect. That makes my heart heavy because no one should have to experience that. We all deserve to be valued for who we are, and likewise we should always be willing to freely hand out courtesy to those around us.

The part that really grieves my heart about this is how many people are stuck in life because they are in a situation, personally and/or professionally, where they are chronically beaten down versus lifted up. If we allow negativity and de-valuing of who we are to be a consistent part of our daily life, then we start to believe those things about ourselves no matter how strong we think we are.

Are you stuck in life because of the negative environment in which you find yourself? What would it look like to go forward from that into the purpose for which you were made? Or… Are you one of the people handing out disrespect, but you want to do things differently going forward?

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