How many of us have heard a doctor tell us to “simply” eat healthy, exercise, don’t drink, and don’t smoke (or some disguised version of the same thing)? If you’re like me, you roll your eyes because knowledge is not enough to change the way we think or behave. Sustained change is never easy; it takes purposeful pursuit.

I recently took several personality, temperament, and spiritual assessments. I’ve done this in my corporate job before as well. More self-insight about who I am is good, but just having that knowledge doesn’t change my behavior, thought processes, and how I interact with others as I’m going about living life. We live in a knowledge-saturated culture, but are people’s lives better and smarter and more in alignment with all that knowledge? In some cases, yes, but in many more cases, sadly no.

Are you in a place where you have so much knowledge and insight, but action and sustained change just seem to continually elude you? How long will you seek more knowledge versus taking a determined stand to purposefully work toward engaging that knowledge to integrate into who you are and improve your life every day?

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