In a world where calling oneself a “coach” is almost the latest buzzword, I really liked this article that broke down some key things to look for in choosing a Coach:

7 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Life Coach | Huffington Post

In summary:

  1. Coaches should not claim to solve everything, but you should be specific about what you’re looking to solve.
  2. Coaches should have formalized coaching training and certification.
  3. Coaches should be an expert or authority in the field they coach.
  4. Coaches are there to facilitate change, not give instructions or solutions.
  5. Coaches are not a substitute for counselors regarding mental health issues.
  6. Coaches should be additionally trained as coaches to supplement their professional training and credentials.
  7. Coaches are an advocate to help you accomplish your goals, but they will not do the work for you.

What are you looking to solve that could benefit working with a Coach? In what area are you stuck where a Coach could advocate the accomplishment of that goal?

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