Do you want to be a “great leader”? I do. I want to ensure the people around me are better because I was in their life. While what we do for a living is important, isn’t it more important the influence and impact we have on those around us? I sure think so.

Our jobs will come and go, and eventually we’ll retire from our profession. There are so many opportunities as we go through our daily work life to really LEAD those under our employ, our peers, our bosses (yes even them), our clients, and those that irritate or frustrate us. You can choose to be a “great leader”.

This article identifies some good qualities that make a great leader.

After you review it, ponder these questions:

  • What qualities do I think make a great leader?
  • Do I exhibit those qualities consistently?
  • Which ones do I need to improve; at which ones do I already excel?
  • What will be the impact to my life and those around me if I make it a purposeful commitment to grow in and exercise my leadership qualities?

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