While Dilbert often makes us laugh hysterically, his approach typically has MUCH room for improvement. If we’re honest with ourselves, we’ve thought what he’s thinking when working to get someone to understand what we’re trying to say and the value it will bring… YET THEY’RE JUST NOT GETTING IT. Since we obviously don’t follow Dilbert’s methodology here, what do we do??

We recognize that people often respond to the way we approach them. If we think in our mind their understanding is limited and that frustrates us, then it’s going to come out in our speech/mannerism. They will sense the disrespect and devaluing–no one deserves that. Plus, they’re not going to be on board with us if we minimize them right from the start, which is counterproductive to what we’re trying to achieve.

What I have found is that in most cases when someone doesn’t get what I’m trying to tell them, it’s because I haven’t done a great job of adapting my own communication and behavior in a way that connects with them. When you do that, interaction and cooperation with people is radically transformed. And that’s what we want!! Most of us don’t wake up excited to go to work and fuss with people. Most of us want to work together to accomplish a bigger end than we ever could separately. The trick is positioning yourself to be able to engage all types of people to accomplish your greater results that you have within you!

Thank you Dilbert for showing us that our frustration can be real at times, but also showing us the VERY WRONG way to deal with it.

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