You’ve done great things professionally, but we all know what-have-you-done-for-me-lately is alive and well. In a world where technology changes almost in the blink of an eye, your technical skills becoming obsolete in the workplace is a very real issue. So what do you do??

Similar to the tenet of home security, you make your house just a little more secure than your neighbors. That way, when the robber comes, he picks the easier target (not your house). It’s a similar practice to keep your skillset from becoming obsolete… you keep adding just a little bit more than your “neighbors”. That way, when the job-robber comes, he picks the easier target (not you). How do you do that?

Anyone can pick up a book, take a class, do an online study, etc. to learn a technical skillset. The more differentiating and mature skillsets are the ones that layer on top of the technical to additionally make you adaptable to any situation, and able to thrive no matter the challenges. That means you make a conscientious effort to be able to connect with anyone on a level where they see your value, and it means that your planning/execution skills are maintained to be top-notch to be able to consistently GET STUFF DONE.

It’s easy to talk a good story (we all know those people) or even have great ideas, but what makes you secure from being obsoleted is that you excel consistently no matter the challenge/environment and are recognized as a producer of great things despite the obstacles, lack of resources, etc.

THOSE skillsets are rare, hard to develop, and so incredibly valued and sought after in the workplace. You can’t go to college to learn them, which means it sets you up for YOUR unique value to shine and for you to get the recognition you deserve for all your hard professional efforts and commitment.

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