For the great things in your sights to get done at work, inevitably there are activities that simply HAVE to be done with other people who may/may not share your determination. The sooner you learn to rally and truly engage people for what excites them, the quicker, better, and less frustrating the result for you. So how can you avoid being the 99%?…

It starts with having a sharpened eye to match people with a function/role that will most excite them. That gets them engaged to what YOU are trying to accomplish and then they’ll be more likely to stick with it all the way through AND do a better job.

For example, don’t put the office social butterfly in a role that requires time management and heads-down analysis. You’ll be riding their case constantly to keep them focused. Instead, intentionally engage their natural desire for connecting with people to add to your overall plan. Perhaps they can work side-by-side with you to be an advocate and working to bring other people into the fold of the great things you’re getting done. From that place of engagement with them, you’ll get better results even for the un-fun pieces to them that require heads-down and time awareness.

That’s just one example, but there are countless ways to study and know people such that you engage them in a way that connects with who they are. From there, YOUR project is more successful and YOUR frustration is less. So when you design the tasks of your plan/roadmap, people matching is a strategic element that if ignored leaves the effort impaired from the start. YOU then will most likely be the one pulling up the slack.

Purpose to not be the 99%.

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