In a world FULL with leadership training and knowledge at everyone’s fingertips, WHERE ARE ALL THE LEADERS?? I’m not talking about people-managers; I’m talking about true leaders, ones we are excited to follow. For those of us left to deal with the non-leader management that’s in place, how in the world do you still be successful??

The day of Corporate responsibility and loyalty is long gone. FACT: The best person to care about your career and developing you into who can be… is YOU. While you might be one of the fortunate few to work under true leadership in a company who invests to develop their people, most don’t have that. Instead, value you, know you’re worth it, and believe the great capability you have. There’s much opportunity in our world to develop yourself in preparation for the next level where you want to go. If you expect that no one will do that for you, then it sets you up to take that personal responsibility upon yourself to make it happen.

But here’s the super cool part… In a Corporate world grossly lacking leadership, that actually leaves a huge gap for YOU to fill if you’ve worked to mature and develop yourself. Think of it, if the leadership is poor, that gives YOU the opportunity to show yourself as ready to fill that gap. This is where you can capture, and actually make, opportunities to be elevated/promoted.

Some people focus on complaining about all this… What can differentiate YOU is that you see it as a positive to strategically position yourself to a known gap so YOU will be the obvious solution. Take control!

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