More of a good thing is better, right?? Not necessarily. Let me explain. You have strengths and skills that are part of your workplace value, areas you KNOW you outperform everyone else. So how could that possibly be a bad thing to let them go in their full force and glory??!!

For example, if you’re really good at planning to get things done, but you spend you’re days spouting off tasks and talking over people… you’re going to have a lot of frustrated people who don’t feel like they’re part of your plan, even though your plan may be the best in the world. Disrespected and alienated people (even if you didn’t mean it) will only align to your message to the bare minimum, which will NOT give you the results you want.

Another example, if you’re really good at being thorough and accurate to the tiniest detail, but you spend your days telling people they aren’t seeing what you see in the details… you’re going to have a lot of exasperated people who feel like they’ve been nitpicked, even though what you may be seeing is right. People who feel like there will be continual criticism and re-work are unlikely to be fully vested in giving their best work, which means you don’t get the results you know you can produce.

So what do you do?? Recognize your greatest strengths, the things you do better than your peers. Then ask yourself how might this strength get out of control and build frustration with someone versus working to build collaboration with them. It’s not a one-size-fits-all answer because people are different, which means you also need to be a “study” of people so you can adapt your message, perhaps even subdue it, in a way that it can be heard and received to YOUR max result!

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