You work so hard and give so much to be successful, but then it feels at every turn there’s some “management” that’s less-than-ideal, or just downright crappy. Here are some tips to take back control and not let them rob YOUR success.

1. Connection

Many of the less-than-ideal management you’ve experienced are really symptomatic of their own deficiencies in leadership and communication. So if you choose to flex YOUR leadership/communication muscles and¬†intentionally work to connect with them on a level that aligns to who THEY are, the difference will transform the relationship from there on out.

2. Boundaries

Less-than-ideal management are takers. They’ll take your time, your energy, your recognition, your life, anything that you let them take. While it shouldn’t be this way, it is. Therefore, you must be proactively on guard against not letting that happen. For example, if your boundary is working only x hours, then when that time is up, you prepare to be done. If continually day after day, there’s more work than what’s possible in the allotted timeframe, then it’s time to factually escalate the issue to management or HR. To their defense, if you never tell them the work is too much and you just always have it done, then they might not legitimately believe more resources are required.

3. Preparation

FACT: You can’t get away from bad management, sadly. But you can prepare yourself to be top notch, highly sought after, expert in your field and with people. That means if you work to consistently and strategically develop yourself over the course of time, then no longer are you held back by this management epidemic. You’ll have what you need to set the work-related future you dream.

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