This finding from Gallup is quite eye-opening. It explains why you, and just about everyone in the workplace, has to deal with sub-par management. That’s a fact. However, what is not a fact is that YOU have the power and control to still be GREAT and do even greater things despite it. This workplace failure is real, but it will impact you only if you let it. Even before you master the work, you’ve got to overcome this.

“Most people become managers either because they were top individual performers or because they’ve been around the company a long time. Neither of those two things has ever shown a strong relationship to being a good manager. In fact, Gallup research has found that only 10% of human beings are naturally wired to be great managers — and some others, while not naturally gifted, are teachable. But companies choose candidates with the right talent for the job only 18% of the time.

While great manager education and development can help almost anyone be a better manager, it works a lot better if you invest heavily in people who are already wired to be great in the role. There are scientific ways to accomplish this: psychological assessments, better interviewing questions by hiring managers, etc. Companies need to use this science.”

Reference: Gallup survey

Don’t let it beat you. Don’t let it send you running from job to job. Purpose to press through, look for the opportunities to shine, sharpen to a fine edge your skills in dealing with this specifically, and go forth to do nothing less than GREAT!

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