You work so hard to be the best at what you do, and know you have every capability to accomplish at work what you have inside to do. Yet if you allow discouragement to come in, it’s a killer. Maybe it comes because the progress isn’t as fast as you’d like; maybe someone continually derails your efforts; maybe it’s a continual learning curve you feel like you’ll never get through. There are many reasons to get discouraged, especially when the professional stakes are high. So how do you stop it??

#1 Recognize that discouragement will ONLY work against all that you’re capable of, and all that you’ve done so far. It slows you down; it makes you frustrated; it makes you cranky. There’s no benefit to discouragement, except to get yourself out of it as quickly as you can.

#2 Reset your perspective. There are many important things in this world, and then there are the things that matter. So what if it takes you a bit longer? So what if you have to learn a little more? So what if that person keeps trying to trip you or ignore what you can do? Sure, it’s frustrating, but it can be the fuel to fire you up even more in determination to press through. Discouragement says ‘give up, it’s not worth it’. Determination says ‘nothing and no one will stand in my way’.

#3 Encourage yourself. Go back to your successes. Go back to the things that excite you. Remind yourself how incredible you are and the value that you have to give in the workplace. There’s only one you! You can’t stop because if you do, no one else is there to fill what only you can fill. Step back, take a break, breathe, look around, and recognize you are there for a reason and to do great things. Go do them!!

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