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Hi. Coach Cheri here. Being in Corporate America for so many years to the VP level, I saw a lot of people stuck in jobs/ levels that were way below their real potential, which makes going to work every day feel burdensome and mundane. Worse yet, I saw over and over management who weren’t committed to developing their people so they could make the impact they wanted to make, and have fun doing what was their passion. THAT is why I became a Certified Coach to help people like you create a fast-track roadmap to finally go land that position you desire.

Do any of these resonate with you?

  • You feel passed over. Others have been promoted, some even with less experience than you. You should be at x level at this stage in your career, but you’re not.
  • Your value is restricted; your impact limited. Your potential isn’t being used. What used to be fun has been replaced with routine and mundane.
  • Your career is successful to a degree, or from the outside looking in. However, you want it to be more. You want to make a difference and enjoy new challenges that excite you and keep you learning/ growing.
  • You want to work on yourself and you are afraid of being “comfortable” in your job, but you struggle with consistently prioritizing your own professional development because you’re busy already.
  • You’ve tried to make the position you desire happen for yourself, but haven’t been able to figure out what’s missing and focus on how to get there.

I’ve walked the walk, I’ve been there, I’ve had many frustrating days/ weeks/ months/ years being in Corporate America. It’s not easy. BUT I learned how to make it what I wanted it to be for my life/ career. I learned how to position and develop myself to get to the level I wanted to achieve. THAT is how I can fast-track to help get you there. Instead of you having to figure it out on your own, leverage my mistakes and learnings to accelerate your career path.

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