From Those Who’ve Worked with Coach Cheri

Amber W.
Human Resources
Some of the struggles faced included, conflict resolution in dealing with inept leadership and longing to switch careers, but unsure what next steps to take. During the time working this Coach Cheri, she helped me to see the immense need to develop myself by identifying my own personality traits. This critically important skill has helped me in achieving understanding of how to excel in my own Leadership. This has assisted me in identifying where to adjust my expectation and better adapt to other’s styles due to their personal personality traits. Coach Cheri is excellent at digging in and opening up thought process for development. The time spent with her helped in developing some critical thinking into my own dreams and desires. This time of coaching instigated opening up my heart, mind and soul to search out my talents and line up with my true calling. After coaching, I decided to make a career change. This is allowing me a new depth of personal and leadership development. Over the last few months, I have grown to levels of insight and mastery of new skills in which I am so grateful. I’m more on fire and passion than I have been in over 15 years. The future is full of hope and I am now waking up with purpose and exploring ways to impact as a world changer. Coaching with Cheri will be life changing for every single person who is ready for growth. The heights which are quickly achieved with your direction will not only be a career develop to new levels but also allow for depth of personal development. True leaders are always seeking growth so they can evolve with the changing economy. The most extraordinary choice any individual can make is lining up with Cheri as a coach. This decision will increase job satisfaction and interpersonal development.
Alexandra K.
Talent Development
Before we started working together, I was unclear on how to make progress in several different areas of my work. Sometimes I had a clear picture of my goals and other times I wasn’t even certain what I wanted. I just knew things had to be different from how they were. Cheri has helped me to gain traction in the areas that are most important to me. She has asked me tough questions, and challenged me to reflect deeper than I was on my own. She’d consistently help me to shed light on some of the toughest areas and help me to experience hope and progress in areas that seemed, at times, hopeless. I gained a refreshed perspective, created clear action steps, and gained momentum from my time coaching with Cheri. I feel positive about my career and the future. Cheri has been an amazing, trusted partner and I am able to get to that ‘next level’ with her support. For those interested in exploring coaching with Cheri, I would say- go for it! You have nothing to lose, and will gain personal and professional success unlike ever before.
M. Thompson
My career was on a good path but there was no work life balance. Work took up most of my days and evenings. I also liked to work and get my job done, but I don’t like to network. We started working on setting boundaries and identifying when they were starting to be crossed. I started saying no! I also started actively networking. Not as much as some, but I now make an effort to introduce myself and make meaningful connections. It was great working with Coach Cheri. She never gives you the answer, she gives hints and ideas and helps you figure out the right answer for you. She pushed me to meet new people in various parts of the business and IT. I am in control of my time. I make sure I give the company a good solid work ethic, but I have my boundaries. I leave on time and I no longer check my work email when at home. I spend more quality time with my family. I have many more business and IT connections, and they have come in handy many times! If you need a push in the right direction, or help figuring out how to get to your goal you won’t go wrong.
Ann C.
Cheri had the listening and analytical skills of a coach long before she was a coach. In fact, her inherent perception underscores that she has been divinely constructed to coach. Maybe not little league baseball, but she’s a marvel with professional development. … Cheri guided me to solutions for all of the barriers which prevented my undertaking a new career. … Encouraged me to take a leap of faith in pursuing a teaching career … Checked up on me as I worked through the training program … Kept me focused … When I lost confidence in my own ability, somehow Cheri knew to ask me some question about history [my passion] which would trigger me … Then I’d realize yet again how much I loved history [my passion], how much I wanted to share how cool the subject is, and I’d go fill out more applications.
Mark J.
When Coach Cheri and I started working together, I lacked strategic direction in my career path, even though I had enjoyed several successes along the way. Now, instead of just letting it happen to me, I have a clear career target, expanded ‘people skills’, and a general roadmap how I’m going to get there. This gives me direction in the choices I make today, even the power to say no if something doesn’t align to the overall. If you’re thinking about it, just do it. (No I don’t work for Nike).
Jason M.
Risk Management
I have known Coach Cheri for many years, both professionally and personally. What makes her such a great coach is not just her wisdom and experience, but her caring and compassion for other people. She really sees you as an individual and coaches in a way to inspire and help you achieve your goals so you can thrive.
I have had the pleasure of working with Cheri. Cheri’s ability to quickly understand processes, identify issues, and recommend practical long term solutions make her an asset. Her commitment to always doing what’s best is evident in everything that she does. We have worked together on multiple key projects over the years. She has consistently proven to be a solid business partner making key recommendations that have maximized our efficiency, saving us time and money. Her upbeat personality, integrity, and ability to stay focused on the true issues/tasks only add to the wonderful experience of working with her. I have learned and grown as a result of having the opportunity to work with such a great professional.
I have had the pleasure of working with Cheri. She is a problem solver with the ability to get to the root cause of the issue and make recommendations for corrections. Cheri is able to take requirements, understand the principles and objectives, break them down and turn them into a holistic and integratable plans of action that all can understand.