Totally Strategic Career Approach

Experience spanning 3 decades of Corporate success to Executive level

Professional Story

Targeted Story to attract the attention of hiring managers to want to meet with YOU specifically


Interview skills honed and practiced to quickly grab and keep the interviewer’s attention so they can see your value


Confidence boosted knowing you’ve been intentional to prepare, test, and elevate yourself beyond the limited, one-dimensional, and sometimes wrong information

Networking & Relationship Building

Creative networking (online and offline) and relationship building approach so it doesn’t feel uncomfortable or forced for you

Resume & LinkedIn

Resume and LinkedIn aligned to support your professional story to enhance your credibility and desirability


Take control of your career so you aren’t at the mercy of circumstances and others to notice you

Exit Strategy

Prepare and plan for your transition to be when you want it and how you want it

Learning Curve

Cut years off your learning curve to leverage someone who’s been there, done that


Not be afraid to be outsourced, downsized, or otherwise obsolete because you’ve made yourself top of your game and high value

How I Work?

The general steps below cover how I help you pursue the career RESULT you desire!



This FREE 15 minute chat gives us the opportunity to get to know each other and see how we might be able to collaborate.



Once we are working together, I give you resources so you can quit guessing, and trying to figure out how to put it all together.



You are supported to get your questions answered, your challenges overcome, and know that you’re not alone.



With all the tools and support you need to land that job/ level you want, your roadmap and working it will create it for you.
I am helping you to Take Control of your Career
You spend way too much of your adult life at work to be stuck in jobs/ levels that are way below your real potential, or to go to work every day with it feeling burdensome and mundane. I help people like you create a fast-track roadmap to finally go land that position you desire.